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3D Building Information Modeling

3D Building Information Modeling

Fire Sprinkler System Design / 3D Modeling for Suppression Systems

Building Models and BIM Technology Fire Suppression and Fire Sprinkler System Design

Western States Fire Protection Co. has created 3D fire protection drawings since 2000. We currently have more than 50 designers and two of the best fire protection software titles available. We use building information modeling on projects to not only ensure the design is created properly for the facility, but coordinates with other trades on the project. Building information modeling can not only save you time and money, but it is an accurate blueprint for our pipe fitting team. BIM helps you problem solve prior to getting started on the construction portion of your project.

Within the fire protection industry and fire sprinkler system design, we lead the pack with our advanced software, 3D capabilities, and collision checking experience. We've completed thousands of fire suppression projects using 3D software and hundreds of projects where it's required for collision checking.

Several examples of larger fire sprinkler system design projects by WSFP coordinated in 3D

  • Denver Convention Center
  • Banner Desert Medical Center (Phoenix)
  • Casino Arizona Resort and Spa
  • Denver Courthouse and Jail
  • Ritz Carlton in Vail (Colorado)
  • Saint Anthony's Hospital (Colorado)
  • Denver News Agency (Colorado)

"Building models and BIM technology will certainly become the standard representation and practice for construction within most of our lifetimes."

- BIM Handbook by Chuck Eastman

Ensure your system is accurate for your building’s needs with 3D building information modeling. Fire protection starts with the design and Western States Fire Protection delivers. Get a No-Obligation Consultation for your fire suppression or fire sprinkler system design project! We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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