Construction Safety Week

At Western States Fire Protection, the safety and wellbeing of our employees is very important to us. That is why safety is not just a priority, it is one of our values. Throughout the year, Western States Fire Protection actively works with employees to prevent accidents through training, audits, and wellness. Through these efforts, we have seen continuous improvement in our work-related injuries over the years. We are always striving to find ways to make our workplace safer for every one of our employees.

One safety effort that we recognize every year is Construction Safety Week. This year, WSFP participated in Construction Safety Week from May 2nd – May 6th. Our theme this year was safe driving. Across the company, we spread awareness about safe practices while driving and the danger of distracted driving. Employees heard messages from our Safety Team and Joe DePriest, President of Western States Fire Protection and our Colorado and Montana offices had a cookout. 

The message was well-received: follow safe driving protocols, and if we all do our part, statistics related to car accidents will drop.