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Western States Fire Protection is Committed to Hiring Veterans

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your service. Western States Fire Protection recognizes the importance of hiring veterans and is a proud employer of veterans. We are continuously seeking out qualified candidates to join our team and begin a career in fire protection, where your mission will be protecting lives and property. Veterans are a tremendous asset to our organization, which is why we provide the opportunity for military personnel considering a career in fire protection to discuss the career possibilities in a small group and one-on-one setting to help in the transition process.

Application Process

Western States Fire Protection, and its subsidiaries, believes in Equal Opportunity for all and is committed to ensuring all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, have an opportunity to apply for those positions that they are interested in and qualify for without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation and gender identification, age, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic. Western States Fire Protection is also committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals so that an individual can perform their job related duties. If you are interested in applying for an employment opportunity and require special assistance or an accommodation to apply due to a disability, please contact us at SkZTQy5JcmdyZW5hZlV2ZXZhdEBqZnNjLmhm|SkZTQy5JcmdyZW5hZlV2ZXZhdEBqZnNjLmhm.

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Link to application (PDF): WSFP application

Return application to SkZTQy5JcmdyZW5hZlV2ZXZhdEBqZnNjLmhm|SkZTQy5JcmdyZW5hZlV2ZXZhdEBqZnNjLmhm

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  • Testimonial


    Kevin Kitchen

    Kevin Kitchen After returning home, after two years I was lucky to find my new permanent home here at WSFP. Shortly after being here only six to eight months Uncle Sam called me to go back. This time as an instructor for counter IED’s and driving tactics. The folks here at home were so very much supportive as I did my last tour for my country. Now back for good I can’t see myself working anyplace else. I have so much support in my growth from the guys in the field to all my peers here in the office. I really do love coming to work and this is the first time I have ever been able to say this. When I started here I was just pulling orders and driving them out to various job sites. Now I am in charge of all tool purchases and fleet service tracking. I would like to thank Western States Fire Protection for giving us Vets a place to call home and for working at the best place this Vet protected with his life.
    Kevin Kitchen
  • Testimonial


    Gabe Montoya

    Gabe Montoya In my travels with WSFP I have had a lot of Veterans work for me. Again, I want to thank all for your service to our great county. I now have a foreman on one of my projects working for WSFP that has been called back for his 6th tour of duty. Gabe was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Office, of the United State Navy and joined Western States Fire Protection in January of 2014. He has been a member of Sprinkler Fitters Local 483, San Francisco Bay Area since 1994. His wife of 22 years is Candace. He has three children, an 18 year old son, a 12 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. Gabe mentioned to me that the eldest son has enlisted in the Navy and is following in his father’s footsteps. Candace and Gabe are very proud of him for enlisting in the US Nary. We at WSFP are proud too. In the little time that I have spent with Gabe, he has ALL the qualities that I look for in a foreman. I quickly recognized that Gabe has and carries out all of WSFP Core Values: Integrity, Quality, Safety, Professionalism, and Commitment. All of our employees that have been around Gabe respect and give him all 100%. This is truly a quality that everyone should set their bars life for. Thank you Gabe for your service at WSFP and to our great country. I hope that this is your last deployment and a safe one. God wisdom and speed,
    James N. Grimes,
    Corporate Project Manager, Western States Fire Protection
Fire Code Advisory