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Statewide Fire Protection

Acquired: 1995


Statewide Fire Protection was established in 1975 by John Boschetto Sr. who brought on a partner, Mike Garside, a couple of years later. Focusing mostly on Southern Nevada, they brought a wealth of knowledge and work to the Las Vegas Strip, especially in the hotel and casino market.

Statewide Fire Protection joined the Western States Fire Protection Company to provide customers in the Las Vegas area with better service and capabilities. We are your full service fire protection contractor providing fire alarms, sprinklers and suppression systems to Casinos, Hotels, Homes, Retail and Industrial facilities.

Corporate Headquarters

Denver, CO - Corporate

Statewide Fire Protection Offices

Corporate Headquarters

7020 S. Tucson Way
Denver, CO - Corporate 80112
Phone: 303-792-0022
Fax: 303-792-9049
Denver, CO - Corporate (Centennial)

Las Vegas, NV

3130 Westwood Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702-737-1055
Fax: 702-369-9939
Las Vegas, NV

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