What Makes Us Stand Out


Protecting lives and property since 1985, Western States Fire Protection specializes in life safety systems. Our values are simple: integrity, quality, safety, professionalism, and commitment.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We operate with a family spirit | We are more than a company. We are a family of unique individuals committed to our purpose, our values, and each other. Our relationships with each other are strong and can stand the stresses and tests we face. We work hard and play hard!

We embrace technology | We make sure that every employee is equipped with the proper resources in order to excel in their job.

We Invest in Individuals | We deeply believe in the importance of people, not only those whose lives we protect, but the lives of those on our team. We are committed to caring for them and to intentionally helping each person develop and live up to their potential. We accomplish this by providing every employee the opportunity to take part in leadership courses and by recognizing accomplishments achieved.

Superior financial background | We averaged $280MM in revenue over the last five years.

Strong focus on safety and health | We offer an extensive training program and frequent safety meetings.

Benefits | 401k, employee stock option program, vacation days, sick days, holidays, and much more.

Freedom | Our company is built on trusting each person to understand what we are about and then using their unique abilities to make great decisions and take the correct actions on the part of the company. We believe that freedom also comes from responsible people who truly own the vision and values of the company. Freedom ensures that we keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, and gives us the ability to adapt, be agile, and to do the right thing.

Small company structure, large company advantages | We are becoming a larger company, but we will never lose our sense of where we came from; smaller, local businesses that adapt, with personal attention, to the needs of our communities and markets. However, we will also use the advantages of being a large company to provide even more value to our customers and more opportunities for our employees.

Opportunistic innovation | We’ve grown, changed, and overcome challenges that have defeated others. That’s because we never let an obstacle or problem stop us. We’re willing to try things. We believe in making our own luck, creating our own opportunities. And we do this by constantly innovating to find ways to create new value and seize new opportunities.

Postma grant | In keeping with our unique company values of focusing on the individual and the family spirit, Western States Fire Protection is proud to announce the Postma Grant, a program in honor of Gene Postma, former Western States Fire Protection President and CEO. Read More