Sound, PA, A/V, CATV And Hearing Assist Communication Systems

Communications Equipment At Its Finest

Western States Fire Protection offers design, installation, inspection and repair for multiple sound system options at your facility. These systems can help security, information, visibility and management of the processes throughout your building.


A/V is a specialty that requires expertise to combine all the elements needed to enhance your presentation. The ability to communicate your message to your audience through a variety of multimedia is an essential audio-visual system need.

Our products are useful in teleconferencing, multimedia presentation, PowerPoint, and many other needs related to A/V in training or marketing. We have experience with room combiners so you can have more flexibility with the space you require, as well as tailoring each meeting area for your appropriate group size.


Cable distribution systems are not just the cable between devices, they do much more. Complete system designs, which include the correct amplifiers and taps for each circuit and port, are distributed by APi Systems Integrators.

We offer Blonder Tongue components for installation of all sizes and types of television distribution systems, from distributing basic cable to providing the means to broadcast video/audio over the system from any outlet port. We also assist in broadcasting any video/audio source over the distribution system.


Let APi Systems Integrators offer you the most cost-effective product to meet your time needs. From stand-alone to the latest in GPS synchronized wireless, we have all the clocks for your facility.

We supply school clocks, program bell systems, hospital and process time lapse or countdown clocks, digital or analog faces, with sizes from the 2″ digital display to the 15″ analog gym clock with wireguard.


Projection and sound enhancement are keys to successfully communicating with a wider audience, especially those that suffer from hearing impairments. Following guidelines provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, APi System Integrators’ products are available to administer sound reinforcement in your church, auditorium, theater, or conference room.


A New Standard In LIFE SAFETY Communications intercom

  • FLEXIBLE – Build the life safety communication intercom system that suits your facility’s needs!
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART – Designed in the 21st century for 21st century needs. CareHawk systems are built on a modern reliable technology platform.
  • YOU’RE IN CONTROL – Harnessing the power of your network and the Internet to manage and maintain systems. Save maintenance dollars not having to drive to facilities.
  • AFFORDABLE – Most affordable installed system on the market without compromising service or functionality. Distributed technology allows for a reduction of up to two-thirds of the field wiring over traditional systems.
  • RELIABLE – CareHawk systems are built in North American; quality tested and come with a standard 5 YEAR WARRANTY!
  • USER FRIENDLY – Designed for people, not engineers. Intuitive user interfaces and wizard driven communication devices help reduce the burden on non-technical staff.

We provide background music, music-on-hold, scheduled recorded paging announcements, on demand live paging, and any other means to communicate with the occupants of your facility. Quality product is an absolute with APi Systems Integrators’ overhead paging systems. Contact us for a consultation on your application.


In order to provide professional-quality sound reinforcement, our sound experts match the system components to the acoustics and requirements of sound quality for your specific site.

APi Systems Integrators installs quality sound systems in theaters, churches, gymnasiums, courtrooms, stadiums, auditoriums and conference rooms. Size is not an issue with our extensive product line. We have solved issues relating to reverberation, signal processing, signal combining, mixing, matching each component from the microphones to the speaker drivers, in addition to producing authentic sound reproduction possible. We are experts at fixing all of your professional-quality sound complications.


APi System Integrators, a division of Western States Fire Protection, provides audio-visual, CATV, MATV, hearing assist, intercom and professional sound systems. We can design, install, inspect, and repair a wide variety of sound systems. If you are interested in learning more about our communications and sound systems, contact us today.