Fire Protection Inspections

Inspections for Fire Protection Systems: Ensuring Safety and Code Compliance

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Comprehensive Fire Protection Inspections for Peace of Mind

Fire system inspections are essential to maintain compliance with industry and insurance codes. At Western States Fire Protection, we offer comprehensive fire protection inspections to customers across more than 45 cities in the United States.

Fire suppression systems provide crucial security, and you need the assurance that they will perform when necessary. That’s why regular inspections are crucial.

How Often Should Your System Be Inspected?

Inspections of your fire protection systems should be conducted in accordance with NFPA standards, local codes, and state regulations. Trust a reputable fire protection contractor like Western States to provide scheduled fire protection inspections that assess the operational condition of your system.

We conduct inspections to meet current codes and insurance provider requirements. Our fire protection inspections can be scheduled on a:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Bi-annually
  • Annually

Fire Inspection Services

Our expert team conducts thorough inspections of a wide range of fire protection systems, including:

Fire System Inspections for All Industries

With over 45 locations across the United States, Western States Fire Protection boasts a team of experienced fire protection professionals capable of servicing even the most complex fire protection systems. We provide fire protection inspections, as well as service and repair, across diverse marketplaces. Our expertise extends to various commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Inspection & Service Contracts

When you choose to work with WSFP for your fire protection inspections, we offer flexible 3- and 5-year inspection contracts. These contracts provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your fire sprinkler, fire suppression, and fire alarm systems will operate reliably when needed in the coming years. WSFP delivers comprehensive fire protection inspections, testing, and emergency services for all types of fire protection systems.

Nationwide Service for Your Convenience

Contact us today to schedule your essential fire protection and sprinkler inspection services. Whether you have multiple locations across the United States or a single facility, Western States Fire Protection offers seamless nationwide coverage. Say goodbye to the complexities of dealing with multiple fire protection companies in various locations. With our national accounts services, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact for all your inspection and fire protection needs.

Ensure the safety and compliance of your fire protection systems with our reliable inspections. Don’t wait until it’s too late—act now to safeguard your property, assets, and occupants. Call us today and experience the expertise and excellence of Western States Fire Protection. Let us be your trusted partner for comprehensive fire protection inspections, testing, and emergency services. Your peace of mind is just a phone call away.