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LIFE SAFETY DURING COVID-19 (click here for updates)

Protecting Lives and Property

Western States Fire Protection

As a fire protection company, our mission is protecting lives and property from fire; protecting your home, your family, your business, your valuables, and all you hold dear. Because this is Western States Fire Protection’s mission, we are striving to become a full-service, world class fire protection organization. At WSFP, we provide a host of fire protection services and fire safety training courses. We have over 40 locations across the Western half of the United States and provide international fire protection services with our subsidiary companies.

WSFP installs and services:

We have experience with the commercial, industrial or residential marketplaces. We can provide building information modeling, "Green Fire Protection," inspections and monitoring to provide your needs as a full service fire protection company.

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Building Information Modeling:

Protecting Lives and Property from fire starts before Construction Begins

If you’re going to safeguard your building, you have to start before it goes up. Our extensive experience in 3D modeling allows us to create the most efficient and effective fire suppression system design during the pre-construction phase – saving you both time and money.
And as always, protecting lives and property.

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