Western States Fire Protection

Helping to Protect Lives and Property

As a fire protection company, our mission is protecting lives and property from fire; protecting your home, your family, your business, your valuables, and all you hold dear. Because this is Western States Fire Protection’s mission, we are striving to become a full-service, world class fire protection organization. At WSFP, we provide a host of fire protection services and life safety products. We have over 40 locations across the United States and provide international fire protection services with our subsidiary companies.

WSFP installs and services:

We have experience with the commercial, industrial and residential marketplaces. We can provide Fire and Life safety inspections, monitoring and the service your business or home needs to stay compliant with today’s life safety codes. We also provide building information modeling, “Green Fire Protection,” and 3-D coordinated project planning for your next project. WSFP is a true full-service fire protection company.
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Fire Protection Inspections:

Keep Up to Date with Industry & Insurance Requirements
Fire sprinkler, suppression and alarm system inspections should be inspected as often as required by NFPA standards and local code. We provide regularly scheduled inspections so you have peace of mind that your system will operate properly when you need it to.