4 Reasons to Conduct a Fire System Inspection

Importance of Fire Protection Inspections

Simply having fire protection systems installed in your facility is not enough to promote life safety for the occupants of your building. Fire protection systems must be regularly inspected and serviced to keep them up to date and working. When choosing a fire protection contractor, choose a company that can provide you with regularly scheduled inspections and testing or set up a service plan for your system’s components. Below is a list of reasons you should consider having your fire protection system inspected.

  1. Regular inspections could save lives: Inspecting your fire protection system can identify possible repairs that must be made or areas of weakness for your system. When a sprinkler system is broken, it may not release water to extinguish a fire like it should. Finding problems with your systems early on will help you get repairs done and have your system ready to defend in the event of an emergency.
  2. Finding Deficiencies Can Save You Money. As mentioned above, inspecting your fire systems will help you identify repairs that need to be made to your components. If inspections are not performed it could cost your business extra time and a lot of money. When fire protection is not working correctly it can cause expensive damages to your building. In addition, more damage to structures can result in lost profits due to increased downtime and extensive damages. Regular inspections can identify deficiencies in your system and save you money in the long run.
  3. Avoid Fines due to Noncompliance. Not only are inspections beneficial to life safety, they are required by NFPA standards and local fire codes. If your systems are not inspected according to regulations your business could be fined. Hiring a fire protection contractor to perform inspections as often as required by code can help you avoid extra fines.
  4. Insurance Discounts. Many insurance companies provide discounts on insurance if your fire protection systems are inspected on a regular basis. Setting up a service plan for your fire protection system that includes regularly scheduled inspections may allow you to save money on premiums in the long run.

WSFP: A Full-Service Fire Protection Contractor

Western States Fire Protection can provide your facility with regularly scheduled inspections for your fire protection systems. We can set up a service plan to give you testing and inspections for your systems on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis, or as often as required by local codes or insurance. Our team of technicians can provide a variety of services from installation to inspections and repairs. Working with Western States allows you to have one fire protection contractor that will fulfill all your needs. We have office locations across the western United States to service you. Contact WSFP today to learn more about fire protection inspections.

Hotel & Casino Fire Protection Services

Casino and Hotel Fire Services

When you go on vacation you probably never take the time to consider whether the hotel you checked into has the proper fire protection or not. However, you may want to consider taking time to learn more about your accommodations. A vacation is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. You do not want to spend your time worried about safety, or worse yet, have a fire break out and be unprotected.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Fire

Las Vegas is known for casinos, gambling, and having a good time. With these establishments comes a need for fire prevention measures that promote the life safety of people enjoying their vacation. On November 21, 1980 a fire broke out at the Vegas MGM Grand Hotel and Casino that took the lives of 85 people. In the MGM Grand Fire, the alarm system did not alert the hotel occupants of the fire. The alarm system never went off and was burned before it could notify people in the building of the danger.

This fire drew attention to the fact that many hotels had deficiencies in their fire protection systems. As a result, hotels and casinos are now required by the NFPA to have automatic fire sprinkler systems as well as fire alarms with voice communication installed and working.

Installation of a Fire Protection System

Properly installed systems are a great first step towards the safety of visitors at hotels and casinos. It is important that all hotels have automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms with voice communications, emergency lighting, kitchen fire suppression, and properly placed fire extinguishers. Installed systems should work together to alert building occupants of an emergency. If you are installing a fire protection system in your hotel or casino, have it tested after installation to make sure it is functioning as it was designed to in the event of a fire.

Regular Inspections and Testing

With so many components in a hotel or casino fire protection system, chances are something will eventually need maintenance. Regular inspections and testing of fire suppression systems is necessary to identify any problems that may arise. Hotel managers can perform routine visual inspections of their fire protection systems to make sure they are activated. For more complex inspections, a fire protection contractor should come in to perform inspections for you. A fire protection contractor will be able to identify deficiencies and may be able to perform repairs, so your system is ready to if it is ever needed.

Hotel and Casino Fire Services with Western States Fire Protection

Western States Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection contractor that can install fire protection systems in hotels and casinos. We are experienced in installing fire sprinkler, suppression, and alarm systems. WSFP has a team of technicians that can inspect, test, service, and repair your hotel or casino fire systems. With locations across the Western United States, we can service your location quickly and efficiently.  Contact us today to schedule and inspection of your fire protection systems.