Special Hazards Fire System Requirements

Fire Suppression Systems for Special Hazards – Are They Right for You?

Fire suppression systems are often installed for special hazards that your facility may possess. Suppression systems typically use methods other than water to suppress or extinguish a fire. Are you wondering if your business requires a special hazards fire suppression system? If so, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the critical nature of my operation, and how much time and effort would it take to replace and restore the necessary equipment and functions?
  • Can I afford the down time required to repair and restore my operations and in the wake of fire damage?
  • Can I still operate without these systems and equipment?
  • What are the code requirements for fire protection in my application?
  • Would water damage from fire sprinklers cause irreparable damage to my assets and facility?
  • Is my facility considered to be highly hazardous?
  • Would water be effective in putting out a fire in my building or is another agent required?

Think about these questions and consider if a fire suppression system would be a good fit for your application.

Partner with WSFP for a Suppression System

If you think a special hazards fire suppression system is the right fit for you, let Western States provide you with the system you need to run a safe and efficient operation. Through our extensive expertise in fire suppression agents, fire protection systems and devices, utilization of hydraulics to monitor the flow of various agents, systems installation, and ongoing service, we can deliver the fire protection systems that you need to optimize the efficiency of your operation and the protection of your equipment.

From commercial to industrial applications, WSFP has the life safety systems you need.

We offer a variety of special hazards suppression systems solutions for:

  • Commercial Kitchen Hoods & Appliances
  • Computer Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Logging Equipment
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Spray Booths

Contact us for more information on the fire suppression systems we provide today!

Alternative Agents for Fire Suppression Systems

Alternative Fire Suppression Systems

When it comes to fire suppression, there are several different solutions to satisfy your fire suppression needs and adequately protect your facility. Many alternative agents are safe for human exposure, provide rapid dissipation yielding no residue, are electrically non-conductive, economical, and prove extremely effective in extinguishing fires and preventing explosions. These agents work well in environments where water is not effective at putting out fires.

Comply with Environmental Regulations

We are abreast of the most up-to-date environmental regulations on fire-suppressing agents, such as:

Alternative Agents to Consider

In compliance with these guidelines, here are some agents to consider:

  • Argonite: Leaves no residue behind, creates no ozone depletion. Typically used in server rooms and data centers.
  • Carbon Dioxide: Safe and non-conductive. Often used in machine and metal shops, and around electrical panels.
  • Dry Chemical: Economical option for vehicle systems used in mining, logging operations, and spray booths.
  • FM-200: Best option in clean agent fire protection. It’s safe, leaves no damaging residue, and is a high-level green product, causing very low environmental impact.
  • Foam: Used in airport hangers. Stops the spread of fire instantly by mixing with water system to create a bubble bath flame suppressant. Also used in chemical storage and manufacturing.
  • Liquid Agents: Wet chemical systems used in commercial kitchens.
  • Water Mist: Economical option – special nozzles create a fine mist to fight fire, so as to cool the area without dousing electrical equipment. Commonly used in the engine rooms of Navy vessels and cruise ships.

Choosing an Alternative Agent

If you need assistance in choosing the agent that is right for you, hire the help of certified and trained fire protection professional.  They will be able to identify the best, most effective and most economical alternative agents for your diverse commercial and industrial needs. We design, install, and service a wide variety of fire suppression systems. Contact the Western States team to learn about which alternative agent is right for your fire suppression system.