Fire Protection in Residential Buildings

When it comes to residential properties, fire protection is very important. Places like hotels, apartment buildings, and private homes are where people spend a lot of time. Having proper fire protection in these areas can save many lives.

Fire Sprinklers in Homes

Everyone wants to protect the people that they love the most, but not everyone has a fire sprinkler system installed in their home. Many people may think that a fire sprinkler system is a waste of time because the chances of a fire are very small. However, a fire can break out in a home at any time! Whether it be a kitchen fire, or a fire started by a space heater, having a fire protection system installed in your home can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are better protected.


The Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act of 1990 was passed after devastating fires occurred in hotel buildings. This act requires that guest rooms have automatic fire sprinklers and smoke detectors installed. Hotels that meet these criteria are designated by the U.S. Fire Administration. If a hotel does not meet the requirements of the Fire Safety Act it could lose many potential customers who are concerned about safety. Federal employees who are traveling for work can only stay in USFA approved hotels.

Apartment Buildings

Fire can be deadly in apartment buildings. With multiple residents residing in these buildings a fire that is not controlled can take the lives of many people. Often apartment buildings can have people living on higher floors, making it more difficult to escape in the event of a fire. As a result, fire sprinklers are required in all apartment buildings to promote the safety of the residents. Fire alarms and fire extinguishers in addition to well established fire safety plans in apartments can go a long way in protecting the lives of those who call apartment buildings home.

Benefits of Residential Fire Protection from WSFP

If you need fire protection for your residential property, WSFP has you covered. We install fire sprinklers for residential applications that are aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and fast acting. Our technicians are experienced in fire sprinkler design and installation and will provide you with excellent customer service. We can install a system in a newly constructed building or retrofit a system for an existing building. Protect the people you care about and have a fire sprinkler system installed in your residential facility today.