Special hazard fire protection system, CO2 fire suppression system

Special Hazards Fire Protection

Fire Suppression for Special Hazards: Unique Tools for Uncommon Situations

Every fire is unique. Those in high-hazard facilities, for example, require a different kind of suppression system to ensure they can be extinguished quickly and effectively. These special systems are more than a simple sprinkler system and require the design, installation, service and repair expertise of an industry leader like Western States Fire Protection.

Foam and Water Deluge Systems

Activated by smoke or heat detection systems, deluge equipment releases a dousing flood of water or foam in an instant through an open-sprinkler, nozzle or foam generator, utilizing an unpressurized piping system. Deluge systems offer fast and safe fire protection and are specifically designed for use in:

  • High-hazard facilities
  • Power plants
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Chemical facilities

Chemical and CO2 Suppression Systems

As specialists in the design and installation of dry chemical, FM-200™ and CO2 systems, we provide safe, efficient and effective chemical and non-conductive means of extinguishing fires.

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