Fire Protection for Los Angeles Homes and Apartments

Residential Fire Protection Systems in Los Angeles

Western States Fire Protection has many locations across the Western half of the U.S. We have a branch location in Lakewood, CA that serves the Los Angeles Area. Originally this location concentrated on residential projects only, but it has now expanded to commercial and industrial projects.

Fire Protection for Single-Family Homes

WSFP can provide fire protection in single family residences. Home fire sprinklers can help to save lives, reduce damage to your family’s home, and possibly lower homeowner’s insurance premiums. Installing fire sprinklers in your home can reduce your chance of dying in a home fire by 85%, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Our Los Angeles branch can design and install fire sprinklers that are aesthetically pleasing while providing protection for your home. Our team can install sprinklers in newly constructed homes or retrofit a system into your existing home.

Fire Protection for Multi-Family Residential Properties

All multi-family residential properties should have the following forms of fire protection:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Western States Fire Protection can install fire protection systems in apartment buildings in the Los Angeles Area. We will design and install fire sprinkler systems as well as alarm and detection systems.

In addition to installing a fire protection system, multi-family residences should have regular inspections and testing of their systems. Our team in Los Angeles can provide inspections, testing, service and repair to all your fire protection systems.

Choose WSFP for Your Residential Fire Protection Needs

When it comes to residential fire protection, Western States has you covered. Our Los Angeles Branch is ready to serve your single family, multi-family or mixed-use property. Some of the services we provide to the LA area include:

  • New and Retrofit Sprinkler and Alarm Systems
  • Complete Service, Inspection and Repairs
  • Complete Design-Build Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Repairs

At Western States, we have NICET certified technicians who can design, install, and service fire protection systems in your property. Our LA branch serves all counties in Southern California from Ventura to the Mexican border. If you are interested in learn more about Western States’ branch in LA, contact us today!