FM-200 Fire Suppression

FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems

It is extremely important to make sure that your property is protected in the event of a fire. One way to ensure that your property is safe from fire damage is to have a fire suppression system installed. Fire suppression system installation is done in areas where fire sprinklers would not be a suitable form of fire protection. This includes areas where water damage could ruin property and assets or where it would not be effective at putting out a fire. FM-200 is a common form of fire suppression that can be used to extinguish a fire quickly and effectively.

Properties of FM-200

FM-200 clean agent fire suppression extinguishes fires through heat absorption. It is a gaseous halocarbon also known as HFC-227ea that is colorless and odorless. It was initially introduced as a replacement for other forms of fire suppression that were ozone depleting. FM-200 is approved by the NFPA and is stored in cylinders near the area that is being protected. This form of fire suppression discharges within 10 seconds and leaves no reside behind. It is electrically nonconductive and safe to use in occupied spaces.

Benefits Provided

The installation of an FM-200 fire suppression system in your facility can have many benefits. FM-200 leaves behind no residue which means it requires no clean up after a fire and will not damage property. It has a low environmental impact and is safe for humans. FM-200 can be easily stored and does not take up much space. Also, since it acts very quickly in the event of a fire, it buys extremely valuable time for people exit a building safely or extinguish a fire before it causes extensive damage.

Places to Protect

FM-200 is used in a wide variety of applications. It is installed in telecommunication facilities, computer rooms, and control rooms where it can prevent damage to equipment. It is also used in museums, historical archives, and art galleries where there are valuable and unique assets that would be irreplaceable if destroyed. Another common place FM-200 is used is in record storage facilities where important information and data needs to be protected.

WSFP Design & Installation

At Western States Fire Protection, we can design and install an FM-200 fire protection system for your facility. Our systems will protect your property from damage while keeping a low environmental impact. We have over 40 locations in the western half of the U.S. to serve your fire protection needs. We are a full-service fire protection contractor that is dedicated to protecting lives and property. Contact us today for more information on our FM-200 fire suppression systems.