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FM-200 fire suppression

FM-200 & CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

Don't fight fire. Beat fire.

There are more benefits to chemical and CO2 suppression than putting out fires.

High-hazard areas require specialized fire protection systems — systems that not only extinguish the fire, but protect your facility from collateral and environmental damage as well.

FM-200®: The Best People-Compatible, Clean-Agent Fire Protection

  • Fast - stops fires in seconds, with less overall damage
  • Safe - proven to ensure safe exposure to people
  • Protective - no damaging residues, particulates, water or corrosive materials
  • Green - low environmental impact
  • Compact - requires up to seven times less storage space than other suppression materials
  • Global - the most widely accepted clean agent in the world

CO2: A Low-Cost, Non-Damaging, Non-Conductive, Multi-Hazard Protectant

  • Low and High-Pressure options - meets requirements for large quantities of CO2 or fits small-space requirements
  • Fast - Smothers fire within seconds
  • Environmental - as clean and safe as the air we breathe
  • Non-Damaging - no residue, no spoilage, no cleanup
  • Non-Conductive - works in applications where water won't
  • Adaptive - extinguishes virtually every type of combustible material

FM-200® and CO2 are two of the most effective forms of fire suppression, and in facilities from power plants to clean rooms, they are options when water is just not.

Learn more about deluge and other fire suppression options. Contact Western States Fire Protection today to get a free, no obligation quote. Our team is committed to you and look forward to being your full service fire protection contractor.

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