Preparing for Winter Fire Safety

Winter Fire Safety

Winter is Coming!

As the seasons change and operations and people are predominantly indoors, protecting your space in the colder months may be more important than ever. From using various heat sources or processes such as boilers, furnaces, and even smaller heating appliances like space heaters, to storage of combustible equipment and materials, many components can increase the risk of a fire. Follow along as we explore some tips for winter fire safety.

Important Winter Fire Safety Tips

Keeping your buildings, whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial, and people safe in the winter can be challenging and require attention to many details.

Here are some quick winter fire safety tips that may help keep your spaces protected:

  • Do not leave fires of any kind unattended.
  • Test and inspect your fire protection systems including extinguishers, alarms, and alert systems.
  • Consider having a certified professional clean out and clear vents of any obstructions i.e. debris, dust, and more.
  • Turn off and unplug supplemental heating appliances like space heaters when not in use.
  • Service your fire pump before winter.
  • Explore the installation of carbon monoxide (CO) detection devices that adhere to local safety codes and laws.

Your Winter Fire Safety Checklist

With many variables, it can be difficult to keep track of all the winter fire safety details. While every setting varies in its fire protection system requirements, there may be a few key practices that you can incorporate into your winter fire safety checklist to potentially keep your space safe. Below are some practices to consider for the upcoming cold season:

  • Have a clear emergency exit plan in case of an emergency.
  • Regularly inspect and maintain fire protection systems including alarms, sprinklers, suppression systems, and monitoring services.
  • Ensure fire safety systems adhere to your local fire codes, laws, and regulations.
  • Make repairs to fire protection systems as needed.
  • Remain vigilant for any processes or machinery that could possibly contribute to a higher risk of a fire. According to this report by the National Fire Protection Association, between 2017-2021, there were 3,396 reported structure fires, with welding torches being ranked first as a factor.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets or exceed their voltage capacity.
Frozen Fire Sprinkler Pipe
Frozen Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Choosing the Right Fire Protection Service

Serving residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, our team at Western States Fire Protection (WSFP) is ready to help you prepare your facilities for winter. With many possible dangers with the potential to increase the risk of a fire in your facility, it is important to be prepared before the cold weather and winter storms begin. Choosing the right fire protection service can depend on location, need, and complexity, however, it is important to select a qualified agency and one that you trust.

At WSFP, we work to provide you with quality fire protection systems and solutions. With locations across the United States, we are available to provide a range of clients with assistance in preparing for winter. Contact our team today and connect to one of our experts to learn more.

Fire Protection Installation

Invest in Fire Safety this Winter!

For business owners and property managers, the winter season presents unique challenges when it comes to fire safety. As the weather turns colder and more people gather indoors, it becomes crucial to prioritize the safety of your space. The tips and checklist provided in this guide offer essential strategies to minimize the risk of fire incidents during the winter months. By being proactive in maintaining fire protection systems, adhering to local safety codes, and addressing potential fire hazards, you can create a safer environment for your occupants and protect your valuable assets. Remember, investing in winter fire safety not only preserves your property but also ensures the well-being of everyone inside it.