Service Your Fire Pump Before Cold Weather

Get Your Fire Pump Ready for Winter

Fire pumps are a necessary part of fire protection systems in applications where adequate water pressure and volume cannot be generated by the water supply. In these applications, fire sprinkler systems will not function properly if the fire pump is not working correctly. NFPA 25 requires regular service for fire pumps. Fire pumps should be inspected and tested on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Fire Pump Inspections & Testing

Weekly: Every week, fire pumps should be visually inspected to make sure that all components seem to be in good condition and free from damage. Components that are visually checked include valves, gauges, fuel and oil levels, electrical systems, ventilation, and heating.

Monthly: Monthly tests of fire pump systems include no-flow tests where the pump is turned on to check that it works properly without running water through it.

Annually: Once a year, all fire pumps need a flow test performed to ensure that the pump is performing at the proper flow rate.

What Happens During an Annual Fire Pump Test?

During annual fire pump testing, hoses are hooked up to a fire pump and water runs through the pump and discharged through the hoses. While the pump is running, pressure readings are taken at various stages of the test. The results are compared to test results from previous years and factory specifications to make sure the fire pump is working the way that it should.

Get Fire Pump Serviced Before Cold Weather

The best time to perform annual fire pump testing is before the temperatures start to drop. Since an annual test requires flowing water, it is much easier to perform before winter comes. Fire pump testing is a complex procedure and must be performed by a qualified fire protection professional. If you have not yet gotten your annual fire pump test performed this year, you should schedule a service call with your fire protection contractor before winter comes.

WSFP Performs Fire Pump Testing

Do you need a fire pump test? Western States Fire Protection performs annual and monthly fire pump testing for facilities across the western half of the United States. We can provide inspections, testing and service for all your fire protection systems. If you are interested in scheduling a service call for your fire pump or other fire protection systems, contact us today!