Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinklers FAQ

Fire sprinklers are a critical component of many life safety systems. Making sure that they are running properly is important to the safety of the people in your building. There are however, many questions people may have about their fire sprinkler systems.

Can Fire Sprinkler Heads be Painted?

You should never paint over your sprinkler heads. Doing so will cause your system to work incorrectly. Paint causes the temperature at which the sprinkler heads are triggered to be higher and can even cause them to not activate at all. This can lead to more damage done to your building and puts lives in danger.

If you are hiring someone to paint your building for you, make sure you show them wear sprinkler heads are located and inform them not to paint over them.

Can Fire Sprinkler Systems Freeze?

Traditional fire sprinkler systems with water-filled pipes can freeze when exposed to cold temperatures. If you need fire protection in an area where freezing is possible such as unheated warehouses, freezers, or outside loading docks, your best bet is to install a dry pipe system. Dry pipe sprinkler systems have air or nitrogen in the pipes instead of water to prevent freezing.

How Are Sprinkler Systems Activated?

Sprinkler systems are activated through heat detection. They are not activated by smoke or steam. When heat is detected, the sprinkler system activates each head individually, the heads do not go off all at once. It is very rare for a sprinkler system to be activated by accident.

Can I Install Fire Sprinklers Myself?

You should never try to install a fire sprinkler system yourself. You need to hire the help of a qualified fire protection professional to make sure the system is installed properly and complies with fire code.

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